A little one turns 3!

One of the things you won’t find on this blog is a perfectly Pinterest life.  My husband and I both work full-time, our girls go to preschool, and our life gets messy.  It’s our beautiful mess but messy it does get and we are okay with that.  

This past weekend, our youngest Maria turned 3!  The past 3 years have flown by since she joined and completed our family and I’m so blessed to be her mama!  She is a happy, spirited, smart girl, who loves deeply and is great at making people feel special.  Just check out her cuteness in all her Easter glory!

 Saturday was Maria’s birthday and also her birthday party.  The day started with my big girl Carmen and me running some errands to pick up the last minute things for the party!  We stopped at Starbucks to pick up some drinks, while waiting for Toys “R” Us to open.  Carmen has been talking about buying her sister a Belle doll for her birthday since Dec so that was the first thing on our list!  We actually bought her two because they were buy one get one 40% off!  Score!

Now as I mentioned, we didn’t throw a perfectly Pinterest party but we did throw a fun party for family and friends!  Since Maria is only turning 3, I opted not to invite many of her friends from school.  I feel she is still too young to have many kids over so we opted to only invite our family and family friends, some with young kids.  There were only 5 kids total that showed up but more than 30 adults since our family is so big.  This was perfect!

The weather prediction all week was for it to rain on Saturday but thankfully the rain held out and we had beautiful Florida spring weather.  A local lady in my mommy and me group rents out her kid’s bounce houses so we picked up the below bounce house for $40 for 3 days!  It worked out perfectly to keep the kids entertained and I avoided having to plan out activities.

Maria was very specific and requested a Princess party.  She is a huge princess fan, most likely because her sister is as well.  The harder you fight the princess thing(trust me I tried) the more your girls will be into princesses so I just gave up that fight and dived right in!  Since I wasn’t up to creating any DIY for this party, I ran to Party City and bought a bunch of princess party decorations and goodies!  Maria was SO excited every time I showed her another pink princess item.  In the mom department, I think I won!

 Our dining room was transformed from spring into pink princess party galore!  My sister and dad picked up some balloons from the dollar store to finish up the look.  The birthday girl was very happy with this so that’s all that mattered.  I tried to take the tablecloth off after the party but she gave me puppy eyes and told me she wasn’t ready for her birthday tablecloth to be gone…so it is still there.

Please ignore the white spackle marks above the window…we are still in the process of finish up this room.  It still needs some paint, a new ceiling fan, and more love but it’s getting there.
 And here are my girls with the cake that we baked and decorated together. I let Miss Maria pick exactly what she wanted!  Since my oldest has lots of food allergies, I always bake their cakes.  I’ll go into her allergies in another post.  Our birthday girl was such a sweetheart that she asked if her sister could blow our her candle with her and so they did. Melted this mama’s heart.  Love their love for each other.

 After the guests all went home and the party was over, it was time to get the Easter baskets out!  This year we left some carrots for the Easter bunny and the girls thought that was so fun!  And then the Easter Bunny came and left lots of goodies for the girls!  They were so excited about their baskets the next morning.  Glad the Easter Bunny had fun with them and stayed under budget.

 For Easter day, we headed over to my cousin’s house for a big Wafflepalooza.  Think waffle bar.  We had an Easter egg hunt there for the girls and they had a blast!

 Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend and enjoyed your time with your family.  Thank you for going on a quick weekend in our life.  While this weekend went by way too quickly, I would call  it a success!

Happy Monday!

What birthday traditions do you have?  Do you have any Easter traditions? 


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