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Strawberries, Strawberries, everywhere Strawberry shortcake.

This weekend my family and I went on our annual trip to pick strawberries.  We head over to Sun City, FL and go to a U-pick place.  This is always a fun trip and thanks to the decent rain we had last week, the oak pollen was mostly out of the air so my allergy ridden family was able to enjoy ourselves.  My father is in town so he came with us along with my sisters, nephew, niece, brother-in-law, and cousin.  There was rain predicted Saturday but we managed to go early enough that we didn’t get hit with rain until we were eating lunch.

If you have never heard of a U-pick farm, after they harvest the strawberries they plan to sell, they let the public come pick what’s left for usually 50 cents a container!  It’s super cheap and it’s fun.  Now, I wouldn’t want to do this for a living because that would be some back breaking labor but for a morning it’s not so bad.  The girls had a blast!

IMG_4516We managed to be there on the last weekend for onions, so Carmen got to pick some onions and she had fun doing it!

IMG_4517We all ended up with a TON of strawberries so the first thing I did was make some strawberry sauce for Strawberry Shortcake!  The sauce is so easy it’s ridiculous!  For strawberries, you do not want to rinse them until you are either going to freeze them or use them.

First thing I did was rinse the ones I planned to use and lay them out on a paper towel.  Next, I sliced off the stems and I grabbed my handy dandy Pampered Chef slicer and sliced  them all up.  I threw them in an airtight container and put half a cup of sugar in to start.  I ended up using a full cup for the amount of strawberries I sliced.  You don’t even have to mix, you just put on the lid and shake it up.  Then refrigerate for at least an hour or two and ta da done!  I made these the night before we were officially going to use them so they were nice and juicy the next day.IMG_4511We may or may not have had strawberry shortcake for dinner that night…hence the lovely pictures below.  Instead of making our own shortcake, we picked these up from Publix and some reddi wip.  It was so yummy!IMG_4515

Happy Strawberry season!!

Do you visit any U-pick’s in your area?  What are your favorites to pick?


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