30 day lettering challenges

Since discovering bullet journaling, I also have become interested in hand lettering and brush lettering.  I got a set of Tombow Dual tip pens and that was all it took!  They are so fun and can do so many beautiful things that I have not even tried yet.  If like me you too want to try your hand at lettering, you can check out some of the resources I have found below in no particular order.

  1. Dawn Nicole Designs. She has some great resources and some awesome free practice worksheets with videos that I have been using regularly.
  2. Random Olive.  She is the host of the #brushletterpracticechallenge and she also has some nice free lettered quotes as well as paid worksheets.  She also offers custom lettering.
  3. Pretty Prints & Paper by Jess.  Not only does she have some great bullet journal tips but she has some awesome resources on lettering as well as videos. She hosts #rockyourhandwriting along with Boho Berry, Tiny Ray of Sunshine, and Decade Thirty.

Along with those in the list there are tons more but we’ll keep the list short for today.

One of the things you’ll find when you search instragram for inspiration for brush lettering are 30 day challenges.  These are my favorite!  I love getting to see all of the same letters/words/phrases and then trying them out myself.  I have mainly been participating in 3 of them:

  1. #brushletterpracticechallenge This month is baseball themed.

2. #letterarchive For some of my letters, I have posted video which you can check out on my instagram.IMG_4538

3. #30daysofbiblelettering These have been my favorites!

Hope you enjoyed the preview of my lettering.  I have a long way to go but having a blast practicing each day.

Happy Lettering!

Have you tried hand lettering?  brush lettering?  What are your favorite 30 day challenges?  Favorite supplies?

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