Let’s get caught up!

The past couple week’s have been a blur of busy in the Growing Up Rush household.  The weather has been amazing, summer is approaching fast, and the end of the school year is upon us.  The busy has been full of wonderful memory making and so let’s start there.

We’ve had beach days, pool trips, children’s museum trips, learning to swim, the girl’s first time playing mini golf, dance recital, concerts, Mr. Growing Up Rush’s birthday, Mother’s day, my first attempt to run/walk a 5K with some co-workers, then my birthday, and more!  Here is a peak into the last couple weeks.

During this time, there has also been some knitting!  It’s my sanity during busy times and my place I go for some calm.  The first finished project I have completed lately was this cute scarf.  The pattern knit up quickly and was very easy to follow.  I would recommend this pattern to anyone who is looking for some mindless knitting or a beginner.  It’s also great for hand dyed yarns like the one I picked. [Pattern: Rae Scarf by Jane Richmond, Yarn: Daizie Knits Dewy Sock in the Into the Wool colorway]img_5572Next I was planning a simple cute hat for myself, however, while helping their mama wind yarn my girls asked in their cutest voices if they could have hats in this yarn instead.  You know that wins this Knitting mama’s heart and plans were changed.  I think the girls knew best as these hats came out so adorable! [Pattern: Barley by Tincanknits, Yarn: Twist Fiber Studio Cumberland DK in Oooh Girl colorway]

My big girl had plans for how this picture should go.  She put her sister into her spot and then said take the picture.  I obliged.  img_5573Then I asked for some silly…and this is what I got!  My girls love each other and love to be silly together!img_5571Hope you enjoyed a little catching up with our life and my knitting.  I have more to come!

Happy Friday!


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