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The Sweetest Peach…

Our memorial day was spent peach picking!  Did you know that Florida grows peaches too?  We didn’t know either but boy are we glad we know now!  Florida peaches are smaller than their cousins the Georgia Peach but are so sweet and delicious!!

Monday morning, we all loaded up into two cars…and by all I mean three of my sisters, two brother in-laws, a niece, a nephew, my two girls and me.  We stopped for some breakfast and hit the road.  The GPS said it would be about an hour.  Over the Sunshine Skyway we went and onto the middle of Florida, which is an entire different state than the coastal Florida we live in.  The Florida we live in is a big city/beach area.  It’s crowded and everything is close…once you leave and go over the bridge and start heading towards the middle of the state, you end up in farm land with little towns and cities scattered around.  You’ll be in a populated area one moment and then a couple of miles down the road and it’s farm after farm. As we drove, we first missed an exit and went 20+ minutes out of our way…then we got to our destination and realized our GPS lied!  We looked up the address again and realized at some point we had passed our destination and turned around.  After two hours and lots of “this is an adventure, let’s look for cows, horses, and any other animal we can find” we reached our destination, The Southern Peach CompanyIMG_5672We have been strawberry picking many times before but never peach picking so we were all excited to see how this would go.  The peach lady at the front quickly gave us a run down and handed us our buckets.  One bucket for $12 and 2 for $10.  Not bad for lots of delicious peaches!  She told us to make sure to gently squeeze the fruit to make sure the peaches are ready and then sent us on our way. After being in the car for a while, the lot of us were ready to stretch our legs.

It was nice to roam the rows and rows of peach trees and pick the fruit.  Many of us ate a peach or more right off the tree!  They were slightly warm, sweet, and delicious!IMG_5665We all filled our buckets and then headed back to the front.  We got to enjoy some very yummy free peach lemonade samples.  The nice peach lady told us it was made from Publix lemonade with fresh peaches added in.  And can I mention how much I have been wanting one of these glass drink dispensers!!   I keep seeing them everywhere and I really liked this one!   IMG_5666IMG_5673After purchasing our buckets full of peaches and some peach butter, we were back on the road.  We made a lunch pit stop at Islamorada Fish Company at the Bass Pro Shops.  The food was yummy and the girls had a blast checking out the store.  We’ll have to bring their daddy back with us next time!

When we got home, I quickly whipped up a peach crumble for dessert!  This came out so yummy and going to have to make another one soon.  I used this pin and substituted our milk-free butter.

Peach crumble prior to baking.
Our day was lovely and I was glad we got to spend it with family.  Although we got lost, together we all made the best of it and enjoyed our time.

We hope that you enjoyed your Memorial Day and remembered why we get this day off.  Love to all those who have served, are serving, or support those that serve.

FullSizeRender.jpgAlways remember.


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