Welcome to Growing Up Rush!   This blog has begun as a need for me to share all my passions in one place.  I feel that although I’m not a child anymore(at least not physically), I will always feel like I’m learning and growing as a mother, wife, person.  I hope you enjoy going along this journey with me.

Who is Natalie?  I’m a wife and a mother of two little girls.  We enjoy the outdoors and spending time together.  I look forward to sharing these adventure with you.picforzendesk

I love to share my passion for crafting, mainly knitting, spinning, and diying.  I teach knitting at a local yarn store and enjoy knitting in public.  I also enjoy decorating on a budget and trying to diy most things around our home.

Recently, we began a deft free journey using some of the baby steps outlined by Dave Ramsey.  I have become obsessed with budgeting and enjoy sharing this obsession with anyone willing to listen.

I’ve also recently discovered the joys of bullet journaling.  This has helped my crazy brain go back to journaling while also tapping the need to cross things off to-do lists.

Thank you for visiting and look forward to connecting with you,




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